Season 9 Results

November 21st 2015

  • Bout one:
    • The Pink Pistols (302 pts)  VS The CarnEvil (94 pts )
  • Bout Two:
    • The Camaro Harem (192pts) VS The Hula Honeys (126pts)

MVPs of Bout One: Mary Contrary and Flex Calibur

MVPs of Bout Two: Bad Mommie and Ivana Hercha


December 19th 2015

MVPS of Bout one: Ivana Hercha

MVPS of bout two: Bulldog Nation and Mexercist

January 30th 2016

  • bout one:
  • Bout two:
    • The CarnEvil (110pts) VS The Hula Honeys (121pts)

MVPS of Bout one: Spocktopus and Izzy X

MVPS of bout two: Chick Eastwood

February 20th 2016

  • Bout one:
  • Bout two:
    • The Pink Pistols (135pts) VS The Camaro Harem (145pts)

MVPS of Bout one: Jenergize!

MVPS of bout two: Nasty Nikki Nightstick and Star TA Riot

March 19th 2016

  • Bout one:
  • Bout two:
    • The Camaro Harem (pts)  VS The CarnEvil (pts)

MVPS for Bout one: Bulldog Nation and Bad Mommie

MVP for Bout two:

April 16th 2016 : Championships!

  • The Hula Honeys (170pts) VS CarnEvil (125pts)
  • Pink Pistols (241pts) VS Camaro Harem (141pts)

MVPs for bout one: Bad Mommie  and Brut Champagne , Jenergize, and Cia WoodNwanna-Bia

MVPs for Bout two: Shock Stopper, Mary Contrary, Ivana Hercha and Star ta Riot!


League Champs: The Pink Pistols

champs trophy2