League Officials


What exactly is the Derby Enforcement Agency (DEA), and what brave souls are part of Jet City’s Crew?

Think you’ve got the moxie to lace up some skates, or to help keep us in line tracking statistics, scores and so much more?! Then follow the magic words at the end and see what it takes to join the ranks and help Jet City Roller Derby play by the WFTDA rules!

If you’d like more information about becoming a JCRG referee or Non-Skating Official (NSO) please e-mail Jet City Roller Derby DEA Coordinator







Ref Prince of Derriere

Harleyquinn Davidson

Whack Job

Sir Cumference

Red Miles

The Unraveler (Robin)


Non-Skating Officials

Graveman(c) NJD photography 2012

India Pale Al

Alexandra Jam BelleAlexandraJamBelle


Gorram BrowncoatDEA4

Wizard Of Laws

Mama Bunny

Aunt T Maim

Violet Streak



Head Commentator – Scott Chicken, Cage and Jim Diesel!!

JCRD Announcers at our Star Wars vs Start Trek bout March 31st 2018.