The Heart of the League 2019

Last year, after the loss of Barbalicious, Jet City created the Heart Of The League award as a way to honor her memory and recognize those skaters that continue her legacy. Barb’s wonderful personality, dedication, and hard work helped make Jet what it is today.
We are so proud to announce the recipient of the first Heart Of The League is Angelica Della Morte! Here is what her fellow leaguemates had to say about this inimitable human!

“Angelica is amazing and fun-loving, she works so hard, and I truly believe that she is one of the main reasons that this league has been able to stay afloat for so long.”
“…is hands down the best person I have ever known. She devotes her heart to anyone in need, her league, community, and friends.”
“…truly is the heart of the league. I don’t know if I could ever vote for anyone else, for this award…ever. She is an inspiration to the rest of the league, and I look up to her. I can’t imagine Jet without her sense of humor and her strong work ethic.”
“Her amazing attitude on the track no matter what may be going on is simultaneously energizing and calming. She can always be counted on, whether you need a fresh perspective, an insane weather report, a little shrimp, or a shoulder to cry on.”