Your 20/20 Foresight into the New Year…

Your long wait for more roller derby action is finally over, because…

Jet City Roller Derby’s first bout of 2020 is just around the corner!

After a much deserved two month food coma from our last Food Fight FUNdraiser bout, the Jet City home teams are eager to get back out on the track!

The 3rd bout of Season 13 will jump right in with Jet City’s Skyraiders taking on Cherry City Roller Derby, traveling up from Salem, Oregon. Jet City’s Aviators will continue the derby action as they go up against Air Raider Roller Derby, dropping in from Washington County, Oregon.

With wins behind them from their season opener, both teams are looking forward to some exciting new challenges and fun competition from these visiting teams!

So join us on January 25th at Edmond Community College’s Seaview Gym in kicking off a great start to the year 2020!


Jump on that New Year resolution to procrastinate less and buy your tickets NOW!
(You’ll save $3 on door prices!)

Otherwise, I’ll have to use some pun about hindsight instead!