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Pst... did you know...

It's BOUT WEEK! (Have you gotten your tickets yet?)   And now, something you maybe didn't know: Every (non-fundraiser) bout, Jet City holds a 50/50 raffle with our fans. Throughout the first and second bouts, two of our Jet ... Read More »

Take Your Valentine to a Roller Derby Bout February 15th <3

Okay derby fans. Here is the recipe to having the BEST VALENTINES DAY WEEKEND EVER! Take your partner out to a nice dinner February 14th Present them with two tickets to Jet City's for the ... Read More »

Derby Hero of the Quarter: Winter 2020

Announcing Summer's Derby Hero of the Quarter: Laura Newman!     This is what the league had to say: Has amazing creative skills   Advancing skills on the track   Goes above and beyond for her committee jobs!   Having an on-site medic for a high ... Read More »